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Face Shields / Visors Pack of 50 or 100


Protective Face Visor - Polyester (Pet) Transparent - (Box of 50 or 100)

Developed for use in healthcare and beauty and service professions, these low-cost face shields are easy to use.

They protect the wearer's face and eyes from liquid splashes as part of an infection prevention and control system.

They are ultra-light and provide you with the first layer of protection against respiratory droplets, sneezes and airborne particles. They will prevent wet droplets from going into your mouth, eyes and nose.

They are designed and invented to fit over the user's existing PPE such as a dust mask or respirator.

They will serve for some time depending on the application of use, but as they low-cost they can be disposable.

The shields are temporary VAT free, zero rate will apply to all supplies of PPE which are made between 1 May and 31 July 2020.

Prevents the splashing of fluids & liquids onto the wearer's face
Polyester (Pet) Shield with Polyester (Pet) Headband
Ultra Light
Regular and Extra Space Fit
Adjustable to fit over Glasses.

What's in the box?
50 or 100 x Face Protection Shields, 300micron Polyester (Pet) Transparent
50 or 100 x Adjustable Forehead Bands, 300micron Polyester (Pet) Transparent
50 or 100 meters x 16mm Black Elastic Cord
1 x A4 Instruction sheet

(See parts picture)

Assembly Required
Cut the cord into strips of 300mm / 400mm
(400mm is more comfortable to thread)
Line up the slots of the Shield and the Headband
Thread the elastic through and return.

Click here to view the full A4 instructions